Monday, 29 August 2016

A year

There is a saying: ‘time flies’.

So many things happened in the last few months: from the engagement of his best friend, his college crush and god knows how many people on his Facebook friend list to broken friendships, the last one year was full of many emotions. He befriended many new people while in parallel, also unfriended many. All through his extensive travels, staying away from home gave him the strength to face new lows in his life. In a nutshell, the past few months were full of excitement, learnings, a lot of takeaways and a pumped up confidence.

However, today, the endless rain coupled with the darkness, startled him and shook his confidence. He was perturbed. Although, considering the recent past, such rains were nothing unusual; still, somehow he was scared. He felt alone and lost.

Amidst a sudden upsurge of emotions, he reached out to his phone, typed her number and was almost on the verge of dialing when suddenly a display of today’s date on the bus running in front, reminded him something abysmal and he momentarily froze. It had been a year since they met. Once a best friend, they both have turned into merely a phone contact now. Rarely do they text and seldom do they talk. Incredulously, he checked and rechecked his phone but the date merely correlated. He felt further nauseated.

And out of nowhere, the next moment, his Facebook feed displayed – “Ah, women are a masterpiece.”

He could not help but relinquish!

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

You & I

You entered my life out of blue, and it was a sheer surprise;
You carried an explicit kind-heartedness - a thing totally sublime.
You surpassed others swiftly and in no time;
You rattled incessantly and gradually it became my lifeline.
You taught me how worthy is smiling in a while;
You facilitated subduing the big headed side of mine.
You supported me through my low and high time;
You made me continue the lost rhyme.
I recollect the times we spent;
I assure you for no future dents.
I will always smile incessantly without a vent;
I will ensure that it does not lead to a dissent.
I am not that great at explaining content;
I just tried covering up with few sentences.
I lately have realized being beholden by your debt;
I am in fact awestruck since the time we met!

Friday, 20 November 2015

The Gift

‘Even if we could turn back, we’d probably never end up where we started’. An encounter with this quote in one of the books suspended his reading. Something deep was imbibed in the line. Regardless of zero correlation, it made him remember her. The statement was flammable and in no time, he experienced an urge for contradicting it. Her friendship was the best thing which could have happened to him. However, it had gone astray since past some time and he could not think of anything better but this to achieve his contradiction.

Rekindling anything is tough and this situation was nothing different. After brainstorming for three weeks, the idea of gifting her on upcoming birthday sounded best to him. He was not oblivious of the fact that she did not like these formalities yet his belief that she’ll for sure be elated upon seeing the gift, overpowered any other thoughts. Somehow with her, he believed in instincts.

He was excited. He was happy. He had planned everything perfectly but little did he anticipate the upcoming jolt. A week prior to the day, he expressed his intent to meet her. She was a highbrow. It took her less than a minute to figure out what he had been up to. Their discussion that day ended up on a completely opposite lane than its start. Somewhere in the middle she even mentioned about not meeting him ever if he happened to get her a gift. She was apathetic. She was indifferent.

He had anticipated her reaction, however, the one thing which he did not anticipate was his strong aloofness to the efforts. She was unmoved, she remained untouched - totally opposite to the person he used to know some time back. The lines of the book danced strangely around him - ‘Even if we could turn back, we’d probably never end up where we started’.

The next morning, a gift was ordered with two changes - content and shipping address. Her smile was invaluable - true but beginning that night, he started appreciating his own smile even more.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

आज फिर

आज फिर एक बार तुमसे कुछ कहने का मन करता है; हर बार की तरह फिर से कहते कहते चुप हो जाने का मन करता है।

कितना कठिन है बताना तुमको अहमियत तुम्हारी; बस ये समझ जाओ कि हर रोज़ तुम जैसे हीरों को तराशने में खुदा को भी मरने का मन करता है।

आज फिर एक बार हँसी में तुम्हारी सब कुछ भूल जाने का मन करता है; हर बार की तरह फिर से एकटक तुम्हें हँसते हुए देखने का मन करता है।

समझता हूँ मैं कि शायद कोई फर्क़ नहीं पड़ता तुमको; पर कैसे न समझूँ कि तुम्हारी बातों में ही गुम होने का आज फिर से मन करता है।

आज फिर एक बार तुमसे कुछ कहने का मन करता है.....

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

That eatery and a rainy outing

With a slow downpour, nature was playing a mysterious beat. ‘Just two more blocks, keep walking’ she exclaimed. Headed towards an expensive eatery in the high-class locality of the town, it was a mini farewell treat from her. Throughout his 8 years of stay in the city, he had never been to that market and with a non-tucked shirt; he looked shabby amidst the classy crowd. ‘We are certainly non-dressed to be at this place’, she added. He preferred being quiet.

An ardent lover of 5 rupai wali ice-cream, such exquisite places haunted him and today was no exception. “What do you wanna have? I’m sure, all these will satisfy your sweet glands!” she asked. “Anything you like. Just make sure it doesn’t have a complete chocolate crux” he was still settling in.

Tempting, enticing and alluring, nothing could more aptly describe the desserts which were placed in front of him in the next few seconds. However coupled with a returning eeriness, his mind was already afar. With mismatching expressions, he expressed his mood. “Please don’t tell me you even don’t like this. God! What do you like then? This is the best in town” she was bewildered. He perfectly understood why she was puzzled, he knew what the occasion was and he even liked the desserts but he failed in expressions, again. All he could utter was: “They are good”.

And so one of their last few outings got killed!

Saturday, 25 July 2015

A Second Chance: 1993 to 2015

More than 300 fatalities were caused during the Bombay blasts in the year 1993. While all the main masterminds are on flee, one of the key accused Yakub Memon is being hanged on 30th July, his birthday.

I recently started reading about this whole incident and based upon my limited reading and understanding, what I could understand is that the person being hanged chose to appear out of nowhere in Kathmandu on his own, revealed himself to Nepal police and was brought to Old Delhi and arrested by our police. In subsequent years as a prisoner he also handed over suitcase full of evidences which clearly showed the involvement of Pakistan’s ISI in this blast. This was done all by him on his own. This was done because he was remorseful. This was done because he believed that life gives a second chance. This was done because he had some faith in our system. This was done because probably he got an assurance from us.

What our law decided: Adjudged him a hanging till death!

Based upon his involvement in this gross incident there arises no second thoughts in my mind that he should be hanged till death but the way in which incidents happened and way he acted in the subsequent year’s forces few mercy thoughts to enter in my mind. As a common man, my understanding is that had he decided to ditch and evade, he could have easily done that similar to the main conspirers of the blasts. Rather he instilled in himself a faith and a belief and opted to reveal in himself.

Nine years down the line, in the same city, somebody’s CRV too rammed over foot path sleepers. Though the amount of death in this case was only one and merely three/four were injured. Without even hearing the final verdict regarding his involvement, what I noticed was a nationwide mercy pleas based upon subsequent humanitarian deeds done by him.

For me, death is a death be it of one or of 300. Ramming CRV over sleeping people was a ‘mistake’. Why isn’t revealing in himself and providing support to ongoing investigation be considered as ‘realization of mistake’. Why can’t death sentence be relaxed?

I at no point support anything even remotely related to terrorism and am sorry for families affected by Bombay blast but still feel that this man deserves a mercy. If he is hanged, this will clearly shut the doors for all future self-reveals by people. Nobody would even dare to think of being whistle-blower for his deeds upon realizing their mistakes.

If life gives a second chance to everyone why not this man, Yakub Memon?

#MercyForYakub #MumbaiBlast

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Marry me

“So, marry me!”

This time, it was something different from his dumbfounding reverts. He used to occasionally tease her in absurd manners and rarely got serious but this time, in all probability, this was straight from his heart.

An impromptu statement in the middle of a conversation left her wordless. Three seconds was the time what she took to regain herself. Carefully phrasing her words she said: “Ah, nice try mister. But you know what, I can’t think of even one reason why you wanna ruin your life with me?” She was baffled but tried sounding cool.
That was a perfect moment for him to have explained her invaluableness. To express how prized he always felt by merely being with her. How much he relished her company. But he couldn’t. It was not that he did not want to but he just couldn’t. Probably his heart was tossed, again!

“Yeah. There isn’t any!” he smiled.

And the blind man’s buff between their hearts continued.